This One Is Sleek. Dream Wave And Water Sculpture By Scotty Carter Fine Art! Advertisements

Things That Make You Go Hummmm

Humming Bird Staring At Scotty Carter Between Sips Of Nectar From An Aloe Plant In Full Bloom. Another One Of Nature’s Miracles.

State of Mind By Scotty Carter

State of Mind By Scotty Carter Is Incredible

Framed Wave Art By Scotty Carter

Tickled Pink Framed By Scotty Carter

Glass Pipe Framed

This Framed And Matted Image Is Unique. The Water Is So Smooth And Glassy That Water Drops Experiencing Gravity Fall And Land On the Outside Of The Curling Wave To Make Rings All… Continue reading

Divine Light By Scotty Carter Framed And Matted

Divine Light By Scotty Carter is  a very distinguished and unique Aliso Beach shot.  There is nothing average about this shot and it does this little beach justice. 

House Of Mirrors

This is Aliso Beach tube is shot looking north.  As the sun sets in the early evening, reflections occur off the homes that line the beach north of the river.  The houses tend… Continue reading

Barrels Sometimes To Escape The Masses

To Be In The Presence Of The Jaws Of The Beast Must Be Surreal

When Waves Meet Phone Cases!

Scotty Carter is fond of South Laguna Beach.  Looking at this particular wave art phone case design it is pretty clear as to why!  If you like this case you may purchase at… Continue reading